Kratos at AVS63

November 15th 2016

Our applications specialists were busy at AVS 63 in Nashville.  We were running live demos from the exhibition hall in Nashville using the AXIS Supra and AXIS Nova in the Manchester, UK Applications Lab. to demonstrate the capabilities of the the automated systems.  This also gave our Users the opportunity to see the latest released version of our ESCApe acquisition and processing software. 

The two oral contributions to the applied surface science sessions were both well attended at either end of the week.  Spectromicroscopy and Vector Analysis of Carbon Materials presented recent results from a colloaborartion between Kratos Analytical and CasaXPS.  Here we demonstrated a novel approach to interpreting the very subtle changes induced in the C 1s and valence band spectra from HOPG surface using the gas cluster ion source (GCIS).  The work also demonstrated the use of spectromicroscopy (spectrum-at-a-pixel) data acquisition to determine the area impinged, and therefore changed, by the ion source. 

Our second oral contribution titled Energy Storage Materials - Investigating the Surface detailed the characterisation of a solid electrolyte LiPON and a fill device.  This study also included depth profiling through model thin films and devices using the GCIS.  The results were very interesting when compared to monatomic Ar+ profiles through the same materials. We were able to demonstrate that the lighter mobile ions such as Li+ were 'pushed' into the material by the Ar+ such that the sample appeared to be depleted in Li in the bulk, with the excess Li observed as an increase in Li concentration at the interface with the electrode.  That this was an artefact of the ion beam was demonstrated by repeating the depth profile with the GCIS which showed the expected stoichiometry throughout the profile and no increased concentration at the electrode. 

Posters titled Surface Analysis of Human Hair – a Multi-technique Approach, Exploring the Surface and Sub-Surface Nature of Nuclear Graphite and Comparison of Angle Resolved XPS and Ultra-shallow Ar Gas Cluster Depth Profiling of Organometallic Multilayer Materials generated interesting discussion over a beer or two during Tuesdays' poster session. 

For Kratos Users interested in seeing this work it can be reviewed in the downloads section of the Members' area.