Ex-demo AXIS Supra instruments for sale

March 31st 2020

The opportunity to purchase an ex-demo AXIS Supra doesn’t come along very often – so you’ll have to be quick to secure this bargain.  Due to replacing our demo instruments with the newly launched AXIS Supra+ we now have two ex-demo AXIS Supra instruments for sale.

The instruments are offered fully refurbished with 12 months warranty and installation by a Kratos trained engineer.

A brief description of the configuration for each instrument is given below:

  • Main instrument, including all pumping, control electronics & sample viewing microscopes.
  • Hemispherical & spherical mirror analysers
  • Automated selected area capability
  • 5-axis auto stage, with automated sample handling
  • Flexi-lock, including pumping and optical microscope
  • Dual anode monochromated Ag / Al X-ray source
  • Ultraviolet lamp for UPS
  • Gas cluster ion source, Minibeam 6
  • Complete ESCApe data system for acquisition and data processing

For further information and opportunity to purchase one of our ex-demo spectrometers please contact your local Kratos representative or surface.sales@kratos.co.uk.