Autumn Newsletter 2021

November 5th 2021

It is said ‘Nature is the mother of invention’. There’s a lot we can learn by synthesising or emulating nature’s use of materials. The use of biomaterials, materials that interact with bio-logical systems, is growing exponentially. So too is the surface analysis of this class of materials. In this addition of the Kratos newsletter we meet two of our Users from Umeå, Sweden who have published papers analysing biological and biomaterial samples. The theme is further explored in an article highlighting narrowing of the gap between biologists and surface analysts.

We look back at some ‘Kratos’ firsts with pioneering development of Europe’s first million volt TEM and the first magnetic sector mass spectrometer built outside the USA.
We have our regular Tips, Tricks and Thoughts from the Applications lab. where we highlight accessories for working with biological and air-sensitive samples. There’s also a quick introduction to MALDI-mass spectrometry products which are also designed and manufactured here at our Manchester HQ.

If you have any ideas for articles or there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about Kratos Analytical, please let us know.
Hoping you enjoy the read.

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