Winter Newsletter 2022

November 5th 2021

We’ve been designing, building and supporting our instruments from our headquarters in Trafford Park, Manchester, for over 50 years.  As the world’s first industrial estate, Trafford Park has a long and interesting history which we outline in this quarters newsletter. 

We have two interviews.  The first is with Dr. Stuart Leadley from Dow Silicones based in Belgium who recently replaced his AXIS Ultra with a new AXIS Supra+.  The employee interview is with our Purchasing Manager who has the responsibility, along with his team, of purchasing all the parts the company needs to manufacture our instruments.

Continuing the theme of measurements, we have a review article outlining one of the first and the latest peer-reviewed articles from our Applications lab, separated by over fifty years!   It’s rewarding to think that our instruments and colleagues have been contributing to research using XPS over many decades.

In our tips from the Apps. Lab. we extend an invitation to collaborate.   Perhaps your research would benefit from depth profiling with a gas cluster ion source, or using the higher photon energy Ag Lα excitation source.  Delve into the Newsletter to see how you can make this happen.

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