Latest applications note

February 27th 2018
In a new applications note generated in collaboration with Lancaster University we demonstrate the quantification of layer composition in compound semiconductors of a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSELs). XPS and Ar gas cluster sputter depth profiling has been used to determine the composition of the GaAs / AlxGa1-xAs layers.

AXIS Nova integrated into EUV Beam Line at TNO

March 29th 2017
Kratos Analytical have played a pivotal role in developing the 2nd generation EUV exposure and in-situ surface analysis facility at TNO. Kratos have installed and commissioned an AXIS Nova with modified sample handling to interface with the automated reticule sample handling system. The AXIS Nova is used for XPS surface of large EUV masks and pellicles including defect mapping functionality.

Kratos AXIS publications

July 29th 2016
A Google Scholar search for "Kratos AXIS" shows that there have been over 15,300 for the 20 year period of 1996 - 2016 or 760 publications per year. This landmark number of publications demonstrates the breadth and depth of research undertaken using Kratos' instruments.

Review of the 2016 US Users' Meeting

May 31st 2016
The North American Users Meeting was hosted on the US west coast at UC Irvine. Attended by over 30 Kratos Users and 5 Kratos applications, support and sales staff the meeting was an excellent opportunity for the attendees to present research conducted with Kratos instruments. Here we review the meeting.

Recent publication using Kratos' gas cluster ion source

February 27th 2015
A recent publication in Energy & Environmental Science, titled Performance, morphology and photophysics of high open-circuit voltage, low band gap all polymer solar cells demonstrates the characterisation of complex polymer devices with a number of techniques including sputter depth profiling using Kratos' gas cluster ion source.

Kratos Newsletters

February 4th 2022
Our newsletters bring you regular interviews with Kratos employees and our Users. We share tips, tricks and thoughts from the Applications lab and beyond as well as articles of general interest relating to surface analysis. In another regular article we'll highlight the history of Kratos instruments, including the significant developments that have contributed to ensuring that we continue to 'lead surface analysis'.