Review of Users' Meetings : 21st - 24th September 2020

October 1st 2020

Along with most meetings for 2020, we moved the Kratos Users' Meeting online!  We hosted two discrete meetings aimed at European & Asian and North American Users.  Both meetings comprised 3-hour sessions over two days with contributions from our Users and Kratos applications specialists and R&D colleagues. 

European & Asian Users' Meeting 

21st & 22nd September 
link to the Programme

North American Users' Meeting

23rd & 24th September
link to the North American programme

In parallel to the oral contributions we ran a Twitter poster session throughout the week, using #KratosUMposter.  Although a very different format for poster presentations, the Twitter posters will allowed Kratos and our Users to share results generated with Kratos XPS instruments to the whole Kratos User community.  In a first for our poster sessions, we were able to offer a prize for 'best poster' which was a 12 month subscrpition to eSpectra, provided by the American Institute of Physics Publishing Group. 

The winning poster contribution was fom Sam Seddon of Warwick University who presented his poster on 'Work function of GaAs (hkl) and its modification using Polyethylenemine (PEI): mechanisms and substrate dependence'.  This work demonstrated the use of PEI to create a surface dipole to change the work function of the GaAs substrate.  The XPS was used to study PEI degradation allowing the authors to suggest a new chemical origin of the surface dipole.  

Recordings of the presentations are now available in the Members Area to watch again