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    AXIS Nova (XPS) surface analysis spectrometer

    The AXIS Nova is a highly automated x-ray photoelectron spectrometer with uncompromised spectroscopic performance required for demanding research applications.  Incorporating market leading AXIS technology including coaxial charge neutralization, magnetic immersion lens and delay-line photoelectron detection with completely automated sample handling the AXIS Nova has a very compact footprint.

    AXIS Nova
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    ESCApe software encompasses instrument control, data acquisition and data processing in a single, easy to use package.  This is the latest generation of software for use on MS Windows operating system.  

    ESCApe acquisition&processing software
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    Ar Gas Cluster Ion Source

    The multi-mode Ar Gas Cluster Ion Source (GCIS) is optimised for depth profiling organic materials in Arn+ cluster mode and inorganic materials in Ar+ monomer mode and will also generate low flux He+ ions for ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS).

    Kratos GCIS
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    AXIS Supra+ : XPS surface analysis instrument

    The AXIS Supra+ combines state-of-the-art XPS performance with unrivalled automation and ease of use.  This instrument excels in both spectroscopy and imaging modes and has the flexibility to incorporate complementary surface analytical techniques and surface modification accessories.

    AXIS Supra+