Covid19 : Current update

June 7th 2021

COVID-19 pandemic : Kratos Analytical update

Kratos Analytical is adapting to the changing global business environment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are committed to maintaining our ongoing business operations and keep projects moving forward while providing our best possible service and support.  Currently, we have suspended employee travel. We have implemented and continue working from home where possible.  We have adopted flexible working for the production & shipping departments to reduce the number of employees at work simultaneously, whilst still maintaining continuity of production.  Due to significant reduction in freight logistics, delivery of instruments and accessories is affected.  We will be in contact with customers directly in this regard.  

We are constantly monitoring the situation regarding our employees' health, supply chain, maintenance and production capabilities to ensure long term viability of the business. Above all we hope that everyone remains safe and well.

Updated 7th June 2021