ESCApeTM software encompasses instrument control, data acquisition and data processing in a single, easy to use package. It is the latest generation of software for use with AXIS Supra+ and AXIS Nova photoelectron spectrometers and runs on a MS Windows operating system.


Analysis work flow

ESCApe software exploits the benefits of the highly automated hardware of the AXIS spectrometers with the analysis work flow following 3 simple steps.  Step 1 is identification of analysis position from the fully integrated optical sample navigation cameras.  Analysis positions are defined either from the flexi-lock camera image or analysis chamber microscope with a simple mouse click.

Step 2 is to define the analysis acquired.  This is achieved by selecting one of the predefined acquisition methods.  These methods are the starting point for every sample analysis and could be as simple as a survey scan or something more complex such as depth profiling with sample rotation during etching. 

The final step 3 is to submit the method to the queue, starting the acquisition.

These simple steps are repeated for samples on any of the 3 sample holders that may be introduced into the AXIS spectrometer.   Where analysis is defined from samples on different sample holders they will be exchanged as part of the automated work flow, enabling the high throughput capability of the spectrometer.


Data Dependant Acquisition

ESCApe takes automated sample analysis to a new level through Data Dependent Acquisition (DDA). DDA incorporates data processing in to experimental methods freeing the analyst from the more routine aspects of data acquisition. Sample analysis height is optimised from the position defined on the optical microscope images prior to acquisition of a survey spectrum acquired in highest sensitivity mode. Subsequently the survey spectrum is automatically processed to identify the elements present and their concentrations. This information is then used to determine the regions for high resolution analysis and subsequent chemical state determination.

The quantification routine includes a measure of the error in the atomic concentration. High resolution regions can be acquired to a specified signal to noise ratio.  Using DDA you can be confident of producing exceptional quality data.


ESCApeTM utilises the Qualified User Control System to manage individual user accounts giving the administrator total control over user access to the instrument components and their operation. Once trained in use of the specific components of the spectrometer and accessories each User is then qualified to use this component for acquisition of data making it ideal for the multi-user environment of the modern analysis laboratory. Use of the spectrometer is logged by the Qualified User Control System.

Whether you are an expert or occasional user the Qualified User Control System tailors the software to the Users needs in a simple but flexible interface.

Ease of exporting data acquired using ESCApe software has been at the forefront of the design of the software. ESCApe provides a comprehensive data reduction environment for interpretation of spectroscopic and imaging data. Export to simple ASCII or directly into MS Excel are possible by a simple drag-and-drop operation. Publication quality graphics are easily produced via the Kratos add-in to Microsoft Excel.  Data may also be exported to standard VAMAS format for use in 3rd-party data analysis software packages.  Importantly the tranmission function is simultaneously exported with all spectral data ensuring that quantification can be correctly calculated.



The data organiser provides intuitive interaction with the content of the experiment file with icons indicating the type of data object such as image, spectrum, sample height optimisation or line scan.  The data is linked to a specific acquisition location defined during the experimental set-up.  

All data processing steps are also saved with the data objects providing full traceability.  



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