Kratos @ AVS 64

November 2nd 2017

Our applications specialists were busy at AVS 64 in Tampa, Florida.  We were running live demos from the exhibition hall using the AXIS Supra and AXIS Nova in the Manchester, UK Applications Lab. to demonstrate the capabilities of the automated systems.  This also gave our Users the opportunity to see the latest released version of our ESCApe acquisition and processing software. 

As in previous years we made two oral contributions to the applied surface science sessions were both well attended at either end of the week.  Dr. Coultas presented 'Characterisation of Bioelectronic Material Surfaces using Surface Spectroscopies' in collaboration with Lancaster University in which XPS was used to characterise bioelectronic materials in various morphologies (e.g. films and foams) utilising a range of approaches to fully characterise the materials‚ including investigating any variations in composition either laterally or with depth.  

Dr. Counsell presented a 40 minute invited oral 'Applications of XPS for Novel Biomaterial Systems', which focussed on surface characterisation of drug release coatings on stents, printed polymer microarrays and plasma polymer thin films.  

Posters titled 'Surfactant-Exfoliated 2D Molybdenum Disulphide (2D-MoS2): The Role of Surfactant upon the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction' and 'High-energy Cluster Ions - Minimising Depth Profiling Artifacts for Solid-state Electrolytes' generated interesting discussion over a beer or two during Thursdays' poster session. 

For Kratos Users interested in seeing this work it can be reviewed in the downloads section of the Members' area.